Bringing Smile to the Universe with Invisalign Braces

5 Feb , 2015  

Invisalign Braces

To start with, it’s important we all understand the meaning of orthodontics. Orthodontics is a type of dentistry procedure that seeks to correct and enhance the appearance, the positioning and the functioning of abnormally arranged dental formula. In today’s contemporary world, image plays a vital role and influences behaviors and emotions amongst individuals. Hence, most individuals will go out of their way to ensure they always look the best to fit into their clique. Sadly, research estimates that close to 40% of the word population suffers from orthodontics which greatly undermines their self-esteem especially if early treatment is not sought and many of them can’t stand the stigma that comes with wearing metal braces to correct these deformities.

However, the modern orthodontics offer an array of braces than ever before. One example is the invisalign braces which unlike the traditional metallic braces, they are much more comfortable and purely custom-made to fit the user’s interest. Invisalign has transformed orthodontic treatment giving smiles to many people even when worn. Testimonials have shown people liking the fact that they are wearing invisalign braces which was unheard off when metallic braces ruled the day.

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Pros of invisalign braces

Unlike the conventional metallic braces which are visible, invisalign braces are almost invisible to the eye. This is particularly beneficial to those individuals who wish to obtain straight teeth while still feeling comfortable in social circles. Furthermore, invisalign braces doesn’t in anyway impart on your speech.

Similarly, these braces have been proven to be highly flexible and easy to ascertain the exact period of time taken to correct the deformity. Each aligner is worn for a duration of one to two week and appointments are only required every ninth to fourteenth weeks to pick up the next set of aligners.

In addition, they can be able to send a computer simulation of how your teeth will be moving during the treatment process hence you an visually see and judge what they will look like in the long run. The animation of the whole process undoubtedly gives the user confidence as they are able to see virtualized result prior to the actual results.

Ultimately, they are highly convenient as you can be able to remove the aligners before partaking any meal and you need not to worry about the aggravation of food residues getting stuck between your teeth. Moreover, they can also be removed when you want to drink, eat or even brush your teeth.

Invisible braces

Cons of invisalign braces

Invisalign braces are very expensive to procure than other braces. Unlike the other conventional braces, invisalign can cost the user a substantial amount of bucks but at the end it’s worth it.

Another demerit is that they can’t work for serious dental complications and they are only available for teens and adults and not kids.

Similarly these braces are prone to easily get lost and are very costly to replace. Furthermore, treatment may possibly take a much longer time translating to additional costs.

Well, if you’re just so tired of those other braces and you want a little change to something giving you a cosmetic look and a pleasant comfortable fit look no further. The holy grail of orthodontics is finally with us. Dot wait so much to get that smile you’ve always craved for. For more info, view Coden Specialist SG’s Services.


What makes invisalign Singapore immensely popular and truly result oriented?

1 Feb , 2015  

What makes invisalign Singapore immensely popular and highly result oriented? Although various people have come up with different answers, all of them unanimously agree that this procedure offers a perfect blend of comfort, speed and accuracy. When you compare conventional braces with invisalign in an objective way, braces always fall short in different departments and today, people prefer invisalign over any other conventional types of dental correction procedures. Here are the most important factors that make invisalign treatment in Singapore truly superior:


Invisible and aesthetically appealing

When you wear invisalign braces, nobody will be able to notice them because of their invisible nature. This aspect plays a significant role in making this procedure immensely popular among the adults and many people describe it as a modern and updated teeth straightening method. Conventional braces are highly visible and a negative impact on the appearance can always be associated with them. You cannot take out conventional braces without the help of a dentist and they always interfere with your appearance. On the other hand; invisalign Singapore does not interfere with your appearance and better aesthetic appeal can be associated with them as well.


Highly comfortable and improved oral hygiene

The invisalign aligners provide maximum comfort unlike traditional braces and there is no need to introduce any dietary restrictions with them. Conventional braces do not allow you to eat food items like chips, nuts, popcorn, bagels and candies and, the metal wire and brackets of conventional braces invite great amount of discomfort during brushing. Invisalign braces can be taken out quite easily when you brush, floss or go out for an important function. All these aspects clearly suggest that invisalign Singapore offers better oral hygiene and greater comfort.




Fast and effective 

Dentists always perform invisalign treatment in a fast manner and you do not have to worry about finding time for frequent visits to the dentist. The frequency of visits can be restricted to once in 6 weeks. Invisalign Singapore is the fastest straightening teeth method and it goes in complete harmony with today’s fast paced life. Conventional braces need to be worn for a longer period of time to deliver the expected results and you cannot always guarantee long lasting results as well. On the other hand; invisalign braces straighten your teeth in a much speedy manner.


Why should you search for any other option when a dental procedure offers excellent results in a hassle-free and pain-free manner? That is what exactly happens with invisalign Singapore. This procedure offers aesthetically appealing results within a short period of time and you can also enjoy better oral hygiene. The cost of invisalign is slightly higher compared to conventional braces but this procedure offers long lasting results. When you take into consideration all these aspects, you can easily come to the conclusion that the benefits outweigh the cost. The feedback of the existing users clearly reasserts this conclusion without an iota of doubt and the existing trends clearly point out that the popularity of invisalign Singapore is going to reach new heights in the near future as well.



Invisalign Braces to Keep Correct Teeth Alignment

30 Jan , 2015  

Visible braces are considered to be very useful when it involves fixing issues that you just have along with your teeth. Though these are known to be uncomfortable to wear and are very expensive, you will still expect them to supply you much wanted results. Having a decent set of invisalign braces, your teeth can enhance one’s look so it is not stunning why there are lots of people who are willing to pay a fortune simply to improve the structure of their teeth.

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If you are extremely serious about getting your teeth mounted, then hidden invisalign braces are excellent for you. You simply need to remember of the different cost for braces so you will know that how much you need to pay just to urge the kind of teeth that you just dream of. People who use visible braces teeth always complain more issues when they are using these braces. Users typically think about basic look that metal braces offer whenever the user opens their mouth to pass a smile of simply talk.

There also are some hidden braces that have a colorful wire but in case of older people it is avoided even more because it would look even more awkward if that they had those in. Another excuse that people avoid braces is that for the period that they are undergoing the treatment they cannot take them off, no matter that how badly they might need to, this may only be done by your dentists.

This hatred of the visible braces teeth has cause the love of clear braces among the overall people as they are made from clear medical grade plastic using a mold of your teeth due to this as they are clear and align absolutely together with your teeth so creating them very unique and virtually invisible. This issue provides the user an opportunity to get the treatment without having people notice that they are carrying braces or getting any kinds of medical treatment what so ever that could be a major advantage to the users of hidden braces.

Invisible braces

Although the clear invisalign braces are following the same and general principle of pushing the teeth back using continuous force over the time the braces are completely different from the normal metal ones in many ways. These are created out of clear plastic and metal but the metal is not exposed or perhaps visible after they are being worn therefore you do not have to be required to worry about it being noticed or the metal causing irritation or ulcers just like the old ones did.

These can even be removed by the user whenever they require to so that they can simply be removed before having a meal so you do not need to worry when food is getting stuck in between your invisalign braces, it also implies that you can simply take away them before brushing your teeth or flossing so that they will not be a hindrance but it is suggested that you simply keep the braces on for a minimum of 20 hours each day for best results.


The Treatment Process and Benefits of Using Invisalign Braces

28 Jan , 2015  

Invisalign braces are teeth-straightening structures that use transparent incremental aligners. The removable braces are custom-made to specifically fit on a customer’s teeth. The aligners gradually make teeth to take the projected position after a few weeks.

Treatment Process

Invisalign treatment starts with a dentist taking photographs, x-rays and bite registration of the patients gum and teeth. In addition, the dentist completes several forms outlining the diagnosis and treatment plan. Your dental impressions are taken to the Align Technology where they are scanned. The computerized tomography scanner creates 3D digital representations of your teeth.

Medical treatment at the dentist office

The graphic representation is forwarded to the patient and dentist for approval and modification before they are manufactured. They are modeled using a Computer-Aided-Design and manufactured using a prototyping technology called stereo-lithography. Each aligner should be worn for at least 20 hours a day a fortnight. For complete treatment, you must use the braces for at least 13 months. The treatment, however, varies depending on the complexity of the intended teeth movements.

The braces are usually removed when eating, flossing, and brushing. Even after the treatment period is over, the patient can continue wearing a retainer when sleeping to help the teeth firm in their position. If the braces do not work as intended, the doctor can order for refinements.

Benefits of Using invisalign Braces

Misaligned teeth are unsightly and hard to clean them. Teeth are hard to clean can contract periodontal disease which puts you into risk of bone and gum damage or tooth loss. By using invisalign braces, such dangers are eliminated and in addition, you get the following benefits.

  1. The Braces are Removable 

The braces provide comfort because they can be removed any time when necessary. Unlike the metal braces, patients can remove invisaligns on their own without having to get appointments from the dentist.

  1. Short Duration of Treatment

It is an undisputable fact that braces straighten teeth faster that all other methods. Contrary to metal braces that can take up to five years before straightening teeth, invisaligns require only one year to do their magic.

  1. They Reduce Damage to Gums and Teeth

The conventional metal braces use protruding bits of metals and wire that can damage your mouth and gums. The clear braces, however, are smooth and comfortable, and can never damage your gums or teeth.

  1. Improve Appearance

The braces are barely noticeable and people will always assume you are only on your natural teeth.

  1. Patients Know What to Expect

The treatment procedure for invisalign braces is fully computerized and patients know what to expect throughout the process. It is not a trial-and-error situation.